Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Praying Mothers

Right now there are two moms doing a lot of praying. One is praying fervently that wisdom prevails and that the future can be taken into consideration. One wants to protect the baby she cares for from the potential of future harm with every fiber of her being. This mom has called to every prayer warrior that she knows. She has prayed over this baby since before the baby was born.**

The other mom is praying that all this crazy ends. She believes with every fiber of her being that her baby is safe in her arms. She sees no potential of future harm and wants to be able to make decisions over her daughter's life again. This mom is praying as hard as as the other mom and has her own family and friends praying as well.

God can move. God will move. And the powers that be will decide the fate of that baby and these two moms tomorrow. Court is at 1:30pm Central Standard Time. It's the only case on the docket at that time so we shouldn't have to wait too long. By this time tomorrow, it's likely we will once again be a family of five. But I'm not going to stop praying.


I've spent the last week preparing my heart for the goodbye. We've talked about it at home. We've discussed how it's going to feel. I've sorted through her things. I've even made my list of everyone that I have to call tomorrow if she's leaving. I will be able to go on autopilot and no one will suffer. I'm not cooking dinner tomorrow and the kids know we will be gathering together as a core family of five to regroup and start the new chapter of our lives.


** The story of the pink blanket **

In the early months of 2013, before we intervened in the legal case with Dude and Dolly, I spent some of my free time sewing. I'm not an accomplished sewer, but I can make a straight line. I made several different blankets with the intents of donating them to my licensing agency to be given as Christmas presents. As I sewed the blanket you see in all of Daisy's sleeping pictures, I prayed. I prayed and I prayed and I prayed. I knew the bundle of pink was going to go to a little girl so I prayed for that little girl as I sewed each line. Out of all the blankets, I remembered praying the most over the one Daisy has.

The night Daisy came to me she was wrapped in that blanket.

I honestly don't think the social workers that had her knew the significance. I don't think they knew I had donated that blanket. And all I could think of is how much I prayed for that baby before she was even born. The blanket is very special to me. It belongs to Daisy but I'm struggling with the decision. Do I tell Kori of the incredibly significance? Or will it be lost on her because she doesn't think her daughter should have ever come to me in the first place? I think it's just something I'm going to store in my heart forever.



Paige Lovelace said...

I have been praying for Daisy so much in these last few weeks! I have prayed for the people making the decisions to make them with clear hearts and heads !

Foster Mom - R said...

I have no words. Just know prayers will be sent up and that I hear your heart.

Mitzy said...

Praying for Daisy, that she may remain safe and loved whatever the outcome of court today.

Anna said...

Thinking of you all today.

sheldonanddenise said...

Praying praying praying for ALL of you, but especially Daisy. God has an amazing testimony for her that has already begun. I would would share the story with Kori about the blanket. Maybe after all the raw feelings surpass, she'll realize how God has been with Daisy and protecting her from the beginning. When Kori comes to her senses about bio-dad (here's to hoping)…she'll know who loved her baby girl as much as she did when she see's the blanket. You have been such an amazing example of Christ's love to Kori. You have spoken truth into her life even when it was uncomfortable and hard. You've also shown grace, kindness and love. Down deep in her heart she knows this about you. I wouldn't be surprised if you and she remain connected as "friends". You may end up watching Daisy grow up. Please keep us posted how to specifically pray for ya'll.

sheldonanddenise said...
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