Sunday, November 2, 2014

Reader question...RE: Mr. Amazing's employment and our future in foster care

I'm still answering questions from grkanga:

When will your Mr. Amazing know if he will be transferring job locations? And, how does that work ~ is it like military where he would have an idea of where he might go and have preferences he can express or is it just arbitrary and out of the blue?

Will you, assuming new location, look at fostering again or just CASA.
My husband is employed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. He's currently the assistant manager at a National Wildlife Refuge on the border of Mexico. We will know when he will transfer job locations because he has to apply for, interview for, and be hired for any new job. He has full control over what jobs he applies for and where they are located. He is, however, limited to what pay grade he can apply for. He's currently a GS9.

There aren't a lot of jobs open right now. They seem to come in waves as Refuges across the country retire people, promote people and hire new staff to fill the openings. And sometimes when jobs are posted, the Refuge doing the hiring already knows who they are going to hire. (They post the job for legal purposes but don't intend on actually looking at the other applicants.)

My dream job for Mr. Amazing would put me right back in Iowa with him running the Refuge in my home town. However, that position is a GS13 so he's going to have to wait awhile before he's eligible to even apply for that position should it ever become available.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service typically doesn't promote you where you are currently employed. Well...that's not exactly right. When Mr. Amazing was applying for his current position, he was a GS6. The position here in Texas is considered a GS5-7-9. He was hired on as a GS7. After Mr. Amazing was here one year he was eligible for his promotion to GS9. But he can't be promoted any higher than that. So, in order for him to advance, we will have to move. He's currently looking at GS9-11 jobs or GS11-12 jobs. Those are the only ones he's eligible for.

We have no idea where the next job will take us. We have no idea if we'll be able to do foster care or not. There are too many variables. Some jobs are too remote and would make doing foster care incredibly difficult. Some jobs require that you live on the Refuge and our home might not be large enough.

But caring for children from the hurt places is very important to us. I'm positive we will continue to do something. I just don't know what it will be. We know that right now we have to take a break from actual foster care. We never wanted Mr. Amazing to apply for any new jobs when we had placements because we always made a commitment to see each placement all the way through. (A job opened up in Louisiana a couple months ago that Mr. Amazing is wishing he would have applied for. But because of Miss Daisy, he passed on the opportunity.) We can't take kids in now because we can't commit to seeing their cases all the way through and we don't want to disrupt placements unnecessarily.

I am not opposed to doing foster care again. I would definitely consider becoming a CASA. And we are both on our way to becoming patched members of B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse). B.A.C.A has chapters in almost every state in the country so it's likely we could stay involved with B.A.C.A no matter where we live. We will continue to leave this part of our lives open for God to move in. I'm sure He'll tell us what He wants us to do next. (He always has before!)

For now, I'm enjoying helping other foster mamma friends. I went to Mississippi to help out a friend of mine last month. And later on this week (or whenever she gets approval from the decision makers over her cherubs), my friend J-Mamma is going to come stay with us for about a month. J-Mamma's husband is employed by the military and was deployed today. She's busy at home caring for her Little J, who suffered abusive head trauma similarly to Miss Daisy, and also Little J's sister, Jazz, who was born addicted. That's a LOT to parent alone. J-Mamma is going to stay with us and let us help her with the babies so she doesn't have to be alone.

God will keep me busy as long as I listen to Him I'm sure.


Annie said...

I guess I hadn't quite realized you were a born and bred Iowa girl. I was born there and wished like anything I was growing up there throughout my childhood; I just loved Iowa, and I still do.

Anonymous said...

news on:Honey Badger family and/or mamma foster and/or Ricky and his plans post high school?
VERY much appreciate what you wrote on fb re BACA.
Thank you for telling the reality of adoption and foster care .... as a nation we tend to hide our eyes from seeing the reality happening around us to children.