Wednesday, December 10, 2014

criminal charges

Sometimes, when I'm avoiding work that needs to be done, I stalk people online. For months now, I've wanted to know what Daisy's biological father is up to. After all, Daisy went home on October 2. Is he in prison? Is he seeing her?

So I stalked him tonight. I found a website that I hadn't stumbled on before. I looked up his criminal case.

Miss Daisy suffers a LIFE SENTENCE because of what he did to her. Granted, she's healing quite well. But she is going to suffer for the rest of her life because he got high and shook her (more than once).

Daisy is significantly visually impaired.
Daisy suffers global developmental delay.
Daisy has a shunt in her brain.
Daisy has a seizure disorder as a result of her traumatic brain injury.

Even if she heals perfectly (which she won't), she has to wrap her brain around the fact that she almost died at the hands of her father.

Well, I found the results of his criminal trial.

The man that nearly killed Miss Daisy has been sentenced to: 7 years probation, 100 hours of community service, and a $1000 fine for a 2nd degree felony. Charges were dismissed on the 1st degree felony.

I'm sick to my stomach.

Because as soon as CPS is done in this case, I'm quite confident that Kori will be back with him instantly and Daisy will have to grow up with her bio dad and bio mom together.

My only solace is the fact that Bio Dad WILL face the ultimate judge.


Mitzy said...

Complete injustice.

Annie said...

Let's just hope he "learned his lesson", but it seems so unlikely.

girlfrog2003 said...

WoW. It always amazes me. If he'd assaulted someone on the street like that he'd be in prison. Since it's his kid... no biggie.

Mandy Payne said...

Can you tell me what website you found? I'm trying to find info out on my littles' bio parents.

Cherub Mamma said...

It was a site specific to the county in Texas that I live in. I had looked up his case on that site before, but I'm pretty sure the criminal information was put on recently. The site gives you the option to look up both civil and criminal cases. Bio Dad's case was originally only on the "civil" side and it said nothing. I tried again on the "criminal" side of the website and got the information about his sentence.

As I've stalked the bios in all our cases here in Texas I've found that I have to do a lot of digging. Where the cases get posted depend on where the arrest took place and what type of jail/prison they are being held in (if that applies). I've done a lot of Googling looking up inmates on county and state sites.

Sorry I can't be of more specific help.

Foster Mom - R said...

@Mandy do a search for circuit clerk court records or on-line case search for whichever counties are near where the bios are. It's amazing what you can find...