Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I changed my mind...

I know I introduced my newest cherubs yesterday.

But all day long, as I held that beautiful baby, I just couldn't get "Little Mermaid" to fit.

I tried. But it's too much of a mouthful for such a tiny little thing.

(Yes, her hair reminds me of Daisy. But that's about it. I think Daisy was about twice the size of my newest baby cherub.)

Anyway....I'm going to go with Tinkerbell now. I think she will make a good "Tink".

I'm strange. LOL I know that. Finding blog names is hard to do when the kids first come. I'd like to wait to "name" them. But everyone wants updates and I've got to have names. :)

It's not like I really call the kids by their blog names in real life. But, since I do spend enough time online talking about them, I'd like their names to fit.


Alethea said...

I used the first initials of their real names to choose fake blog names for FKs. Even though I've clarified this on my blog a million times, people are still surprised to find out our foster son's name *isn't* Jonah!

Thank Him For The Small Things said...

It's TOTALLY hard to pick blog names! And sometimes, when you DO pick one.. the kid grows up... and it doesn't fit anymore LOL Then what?! That baby that you named "Tiny" because they weren't on the charts, grows up to be in the 99% and then you almost feel like you're poking fun of your "chunky monkey" by calling them "tiny"!!

Anonymous said...

Can arrangements be made to have the other 2 siblings visit the 3 at your house? Might help with Pirate's fears of loss. Keep the children connected and calmer.
Second thought: since perhaps only one parent was the problem could the other parent do books on tape or some such to tell the children they have not disappeared and to provide comfort at night?
Can agency arrange for you to be in contact with other foster family so the children can have visits with each other away from agency setting? No idea what distances might be involved so perhaps that isn't a physically possible idea. But meeting at a middle play area???
Given the demands on your time already this might be hard to work out. AND, might be disapproved for some 'cps/agency' rule.
Just wondered.

Cherub Mamma said...

Sibling visits will happen during visits with Bio Mom. Those will start up next week after court most likely. And if for some reason Mom is denied visits, sibling visits will be arranged. Texas is VERY strict on sibling visits.

However, it is very unlikely that I will be given information on the other foster family. Especially if visits are to be arranged with Bio Mom. I was told though that the other family is local.

I definitely want to keep the kids together.

I also thought of a loop hole if it looks like this case is going to drag out long. Herman turns 18 in March. Technically he won't be a "child" anymore. We MIGHT be able to CONSIDER bringing in the 2yo sibling so that Pirate has the other brother he was close to.

Annie said...

It took me a while to accustom myself to "nicknames" sufficiently to follow your blog. Just an idiosyncrasy of mine, I guess. And, I'm overcoming it....but maybe that's because Daisy was a nickname, but a name, too....

Anyway, this sounds exhausting....