Tuesday, January 27, 2015


We were officially verified (licensed) and in "the system" yesterday. We also took a placement of three little cherubs yesterday.

The case is quite high profile so I'm going to have to be careful. Already, based on a limited amount of information, several FB readers Googled and figured it out. Not that I don't love y'all. But I've got to be careful.

For now though I can officially introduce:

13 month old Little Mermaid
She's a tiny little thing who, as of last night anyway, does not want to be put down.

3 year old Pirate
He's a whirlwind! They tell me he speaks Spanish only but all I heard was mushed up words that sound like gibberish. Some English. Some Spanish. They assure me he understands English. But did I mention he's a whirlwind? Needed redirected several times, sternly, last night in the two hours they were running around while I signed paperwork. Turned the playroom into an instant disaster. (I envision me having to up the weekly allowance for TT and Bart as they will have to help keep the house in order.)

5 year old Captain
He's the oldest of the five (total) children. I didn't get the sense that he's really a captain necessarily. But since Pirate fit the middle one, and the youngest can be a princess, I needed something to go with the theme.  :) Thankfully he speaks English well and followed directions easily last night. He's in kindergarten so I'll be enrolling him in the public school before Thursday. (I've got two days to let him settle and maybe get caught up on sleep.)

There are more children in the large sibling group. I took what my license would allow.

The three cherubs came to me with nothing but the clothes on their backs, two dirty bottles and a handful of diapers. I had about two hours notice before they came so I did one shopping trip last night. However, I couldn't buy clothes because I didn't know sizes. And I'm glad I waited as all three are quite tiny and I would have bought wrong. We'll be going shopping today.

I'm glad I nested the way I did this past week. I'm actually ready for this I guess. Well...as ready as anyone could ever be.


Alethea said...

Yeah, I would be really careful about what you share about their case. I figured out who they were very easily. Maybe just share about their personalities and behaviors in your home.

Anonymous said...

I just must be stupid because I've tried go googling everything under the sun and can't find any info. I think you are doing great keeping it confidential (I only know your state not your city)

Cherub Mamma said...

I'm just going to have to trust that the readers that can find the details on this case are kind enough to not rat me out to CPS.

Karen said...

Don't worry, we won't rat you out ;) Only took about 5 minutes after reading your second post before I found the articles. But I think that it would be nearly impossible for someone who sees/knows the case in real life to be googling and come across your blog, which would be a much bigger issue. I have to add, I'm impressed that you came up with 3 themed names with everything else you've had to do in the past 24 hours!

Anonymous said...

Are you able to say if this placement looks to be short term with high expectations that reunification with family (parent/relative) or is it more probable to be longer term? Given foster realities short means you think a month or so and long means more like 6 months.
Are you able to say if the children came from one placement to another or are they new to foster care?
Wondering because FB looks like they are happy and not terrorized by being in new surroundings and without the other two children in their family. Know it sometimes takes time for that stuff to surface. Fingers crossed for all involved!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog and your fb page and I have googled everything I could think of and have not come across it. I think you are fine :).

Kay said...

Yeah, usually I'm great at Googling and after ...a while... I found something that *might* fit but probably doesn't. I have to admit I'm very curious but that's just my natural nosiness and ego being hurt by the failure of my Google-fu. You're a great mamma and anyone who would rat you out has no heart! Hoping for the best for all the kids.