Wednesday, January 21, 2015


At 1:45PM tomorrow TT, Bart, and I will walk into the County Health Department. They will each receive a piece of paper stating that they do not have tuberculosis. I will return home and fax those pieces of paper to Rainbow. At that point in time, our home will be officially back open for foster care.

Our license will be for 0-17 just like it was before. It is unlikely that we will take any middle school boys though. (Despite the fact that Bart's exact request is for a boy his age.)

Mr. Amazing and I are going to continue with the process of becoming full B.A.C.A. members. He will definitely get his back patch before I do though. One: He started before me. Two: It's more likely that I'll miss meetings now due to child care needs. It takes a full year from when you start attending B.A.C.A. meetings and when you submit your fingerprints for an FBI clearance before you can become a full member. Mr. Amazing started around May last year when a neighboring chapter had an information meeting in our corner of Texas. I didn't go to a meeting until August.

TT is still begging for a baby. I'm still a little scared that we decided to do this all over again. Herman doesn't care too much about any of it. And Mr. Amazing wants a girl (or two).

I haven't heard anything else about the 13 month old baby girl that CPS indicated they might want moved from her current foster home. We have said yes to that move if it should happen. But who knows...this is foster care. Anything could happen!!

We're as ready as we're gonna get. Let the new adventures begin!


Karen said...

Welcome back to the roller coaster :)

Foster Mom - R said...

Congratulations (I think!)

abrianna said...

I am surprised that you *are* doing this after all that happened with the 3 D's. Thought you would like that :) But it is wonderful for those that come into your home-they could ask for someone better.

I do hope there is less heartache this time though.

abrianna said...

Oops-they could *not* ask for someone better is what I meant to say.

Anonymous said...

What situations are you NOT suitable for, what would make you decline? I ask because you have clearly had both age extremes, both genders, severe disabilities. What would be a non-fit?