Saturday, March 28, 2015

Baby Boy

I got a notification Thursday about a baby boy that needs a home. He was removed because his mother took him to the doctor and the doctor immediately suspected abuse. He had a fractured arm and was very malnourished. I believe he came in to Care February 6 and was hospitalized for six days. Then, because a home couldn't be found, he was transferred to a shelter in Central Texas.

He's 18 months old and has Down syndrome. When he was taken into Care, he weighed somewhere between 9 and 11 pounds. (I have conflicting information.) He has fractures to multiple parts of his body in various stages of healing.

After much prayer Mr. Amazing and I are considering taking this boy as a placement. I've only got a few more questions for Rainbow to answer before I give a definite yes or no.

  • What is the reunification/permanency plan? (If possible I’d like both the answer that is “on paper” and the REAL gut feelings of the case worker.)
  • Speaking of, who is the case worker?
  • Will Baby’s speech therapy be in English?
  • What size clothes is he in?
  • What size diapers does he wear?
  • What is his temperament? Does he fuss a lot? Is he easily soothed or does he need held a lot?
  • How does he handle the middle of the night feedings? Does he cry a lot? How long does it take him to take his bottle at night? Does he settle down easily afterward?
  • Does he need special bottles?
  • Does he have any feeding problems? (poor suck, aspiration concerns, etc.)
  • Where do you get the Pediasure? Is is an Rx? Is it covered by Medicaid or would it go through WIC? (If it’s what I think it is, it’s VERY expensive!!) If it’s just the easy-to-find OTC Pediasure shakes, can he be switched to toddler formula?
Rainbow was unable to make contact with Baby's worker on Friday so only a few of my initial questions got answered. I was able to see a very detailed form that Rainbow was sent from the central database. It explained most of what I need to know. But I just sent her the list above today so she can get answers for me, hopefully, on Monday for the rest of my questions. I'm pretty sure we're going to say "yes". But I do want honest answers to the list above. If he's a terrible sleeper or if they honestly say he cries a lot and isn't easily soothed, I might lean toward a "no". I'm prepared to not sleep much - he needs a bottle every 3-4 hours, even all night long. But if I'm going to spend all my time not sleeping and listening to crying that can't be soothed, that's not a good fit for our family. I've got other kids that need me too. Someone has to teach school.  :)


Keeping the drama alive though, Kori sent me pictures of Daisy and Dandelion today. I asked how her girls were doing and Kori shared that they are together and local...but in a home that only speaks Spanish. I got so upset I almost started shaking. Daisy's language development is being extremely stunted as a result! System-induced abuse in my book! Makes me so mad!!!

I told Kori that my home is open and she could request that the girls be moved here. This time around though she has a relative that she's comfortable sending the girls to - and one that is comfortable taking the girls. (Not sure where this relative was the first time around.)

Kori has court this week. They've changed the schedule some though so she's not exactly sure when. I asked her if she wants me to keep my home "open" in case the move to the relative doesn't go through. She says CPS is talking like it's going to happen so she's pretty confident that it will.

I'm sure CPS is wanting to get the girls moved to the relative. Then the girls will stay there forever. I bet this case drags on and on and on and on. They wanted Daisy to be moved permanently to a relative the last time around...only no relative surfaced. Kori still has no idea how bad of a situation she put those girls in by staying involved with the Bio Dad (abuser).


On the home front, Herman is recovering from his auto accident quite well. For those of you not on Facebook, Herman got hit by a car last week...while walking to school. He skirted danger for sure! Not a single broken bone! No internal bleeding. Only a bunch of road rash, bruises and a huge (really, really gross) gash on his left thigh. (One of my EMT friends saw the picture and said it's an "impact crack".) He got a bunch of stitches and spent the night in the hospital for observation. He's home now though and even went to school on Thursday. (Stayed home Friday to go to the surgeon's for a follow-up.)

My house is clean. Laundry is done. I feel like I've been nesting this weekend.

Looks like we're probably going to hop back on the roller coaster to go for another ride.

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Lucy said...

I'm praying you get reassuring answers to your questions and that the precious baby boy can come to you.