Monday, April 27, 2015

I met the lawyer

Russell's lawyer, Ms. Lawson, took it upon herself to pop in the waiting room at the cardiologist this morning. She knew the appointment was scheduled and trusted that we would be there. She didn't call me ahead of time. I decided that I'm OK with that.

Ms. Lawson appears to be very vested in Russell's long-term care and safety. She asked good questions and assured me multiple times that she will help me with anything I might need in regards to Russell's care.

We talked for a bit about the case in general. She was rather forthcoming with how she feels about Bio Mom, CPS and The System in general. It was refreshing to sense the level of honesty she portrayed.

As the conversation wound down I told her I had one more question.

I asked, "Who is responsible for the policy of having to get permission to leave the county."

She stammered a bit and then literally said, "It's just always been done that way."

Then she started to say something about me, as a foster parent, being such an exception to the norm.

I thanked her and then handed her a printed copy of the State Minimum Standards outlining the travel requirements for foster children. I said, "All I want is blanket permission to be able to adhere to these standards."

She said, "I saw that you wanted to go out of town this past weekend. Did you get permission?"

I replied, "No. Russell's CPS worker never got back with me so I did not go."

Ms. Lawson seemed very surprised and somewhat frustrated. She asked if she could keep the copy of the standards. She then started typing away on her phone to someone.

I chatted a bit with Ms. Lawson about the types of events we would be traveling for - explaining B.A.C.A. to her and letting her know that I just want to be able to do things as a family as per the standards without having to waste everyone's time with little requests to travel over a weekend.

We wrapped up the conversation. I assured her that I'd keep her in the loop with Russell's care and she left. She said she would be emailing me some more of Russell's medical records for me to put with his files. Then she left and headed back to court.

Lets than 10 minutes later I got a text that read:
Please ask the pediatrician if we need a neurologist consult based on his numerous skull fractures. Also, he can be taken out of the area.
I'm less than impressed with CPS right now. But I can handle a crappy CPS worker if the lawyer is working hard to protect Russell. It's even better when the lawyer and I get along. Lawyers trump CPS every single time. I will not be asking for permission for any travel with Russell less than 72 hours long within the State of Texas again. Whoo hoo!!


MamaFoster said...

That was awesome 😀

Meg0422 said...

Nice! Glimmers of hope and goodness can keep a person going.

Mitzy said...

A good lawyer is a great thing for a foster child to have! Primo had a fantastic lawyer for about 6 months and she really made things happen for him and his case!

Anonymous said...

Please tell R's lawyer that across the country people are appreciating what she is doing and finding hope for fostering in her actions.
15 fractures as per fbk is appalling and why did it take so long for this to be reported to and investigated by CPS?
Thank you for what you are doing.

Emily said...

FABULOUS news!!! What an answer to prayer.

Emily said...

FABULOUS news!!! What an answer to prayer.

G said...

Yay! Someone with both power and sense!

Hazelpop said...

Glad it worked out this way! It was ridiculous what they were making you do. In my county it is only required to provide cw with location (city/hotel) we were staying at in state.

kate said...

What a blessing!

Foster Mom - R said...

I'm totally impressed by the fact the lawyer attended a doctors appointment. So glad you don't have to jump through hoops to include that happy baby in all things family!

Anonymous said...

Sent you lots of question from your fbk ? re what topics... from more on homeschooling and pros and cons and why boys want to go back to normal school etc
to R and how he has changed etc and his schedule and how he is EASIER than the other babies you have had in care. And it doesn't show up. Did pass the no troll test.
ANYWAY: am wondering if his being so very laid back is part of why his bio did not feed him. NOT an excuse at all but perhaps she did not understand the need to do this when he didn't demand it. OF COURSE it could also be the consequences of making a baby request was violence so he learned to not ask. Any opinion?

Anonymous said...

Follow you on fbk but cannot post there due to anon needs.
SO GLAD R is growing well with you. More proof of what a wonderful job your family is doing for all the children that come your way.
SO sorry re your dog. VERY HARD loss on top of the children who have left your house. And, today of all days when you have all this contact around Daisy. I hope the doctor's office helps re her medical needs but you can do no more. I hope they step up and complain to CPS about her not being clean in her current foster home and the regression they are seeing. I know YOU can do nothing.... but THEY ARE LEGALLY MANDATED REPORTERS. It might not be a hotline report issue but it is a moral responsibility for them because they are seeing signs of neglect and deterioration of her condition and health and they need to contact CPS even if that makes them uncomfortable. AND, you cannot actually make them do this. SO HIDEOUS. SUCH SORROW.
The system is not working!
Hugs and support from far away!!!!
DEAR SWEET HEAVENS the reCaptcha thing now wants id of foods but then cannot process the responses. Really you have that serious a troll problem? VERY SORRY. Trying for 5th time.

Cherub Mamma said...

Thank you for your comment "annon". I'm not sure what you mean about the troll problem. I've tried to keep the settings as easy as possible for anyone that wants to comment.

Knock on wood...but I've not had a troll yet that I know of. :)

Annie said...

You are SO fortunate! Our first lawyer was absolutely lovely and helpful. The next one was a horror. Not just useless, but a causer of heartache. So glad you got a good one!