Monday, May 18, 2015

the sisters

I had the monthly visit from Russell's CPS caseworker today. Other than how the appointment was scheduled, and the fact that the caseworker showed up 40 minutes later than she had already rescheduled, things went fine.

Russell's caseworker is attentive and took notes during the whole visit. She asked good questions and was very supportive of me. She made sure there was nothing I needed of her.

And right now - things are good. I didn't need Ms. Caseworker for anything other than permission to give Russell's hair a trim. She assured me she'll get permission from Bio Mom for that at tomorrow's visit.

While we were chatting, Ms. Caseworker asked me if I had any other foster kids in our home. I told her no. It's important for me to be able to meet all of Russell's needs and I couldn't do that and juggle another case at the same time. However, I did add, "I'm also keeping my home open in case the State needs to move Russell's sisters here."

Ms. Caseworker's ears perked immediately up.

She is very unhappy with the current relative placement the girls are in. Because yes, the State was able to get custody of baby Star recently as well. I guess Russell' sisters are with an aunt. I think there are as many as 11 children in the home. Ms. Caseworker does not like that adult/child ratio!

Nothing is going to happen right away. But yes, I did say that I'd take Violet (age 3) and Star (newborn). We've got the room and the ability to manage all three kids - especially since Russell is so incredibly easy to manage on a day to day basis. And because it'd just be one case, I wouldn't be dealing with a separate visit schedule (most likely) and court would happen all at the same time for all three kids. Multiple cases is crazy hard to manage. But three kids isn't as bad when they're all part of the same case.

We'll see what happens. Foster care is nothing if not an adventure!!


Anonymous said...

Prayers and hugs and hopes to you also.
Thank you for this post answering my questions.
Wish I were closer and could actually help in person but reality is. I send good wishes always and constantly.
Thank you for letting ti be possible to comment here under anonymous......
over 30 year and I still live with fear. What a comment on our cultures reality of domestic violence.

Anonymous said...

I learn so much from you all the time. Please keep sharing what you learn about DS and all your children.
Do you get ANY input on when therapy appointments are scheduled or are you simply required to produce the child at the provider's request? While I think the child's needs should be considered and worked around I have learned the child's needs are often the last consideration in making appointments ... the scheduler's nail appointment being considered first.

Annie said...

So glad she seems easy to work with. That matters so much!