Thursday, May 7, 2015

Updates on other kids

Awhile ago I posted on FB asking if anyone had a blog topic they'd like me to tackle. Several people sent me some ideas. Life has been a bit busy so I haven't gotten to them yet. I figured I could knock out this relatively easy topic though:
 How about any updates on any of the kids you have taken care of?
Or maybe a funniest story, most embarrassing moment. Something light.

Update on Honey Badger Diva Ballerina

This update isn't a happy one. Miss Diva Ballerina suffered a cardiac arrest a couple months ago. Since that time she received the official label of "persistent vegetative state". Mama Honey Badger is at home with her and they have (almost) 24/7 nursing care. Their family is up to their eyeballs in the physical care of DB, paperwork like you simply cannot imagine, and the normal work of caring for a family in general (not to mention the fact they just sold their house and moved to a rental with the goal of getting a home closer to the hospital DB stays at when necessary). DB is still very much a ward of the State so no one can give DNR orders. Mama Honey Badger works very hard at maintaining a quality of life for DB while pursuing adoption. No one wants DB to dance with Jesus while still a ward of the State if it can be avoided.

Update on the Neverland Kids
I don't have any formal contact with the Neverland Kids at all. I don't know what foster home they ended up in. I don't really know anything. But Wendy has a very public Facebook page and I can't help myself - I still stalk her. Wendy is in a new relationship and is head-over-heels in love with a new guy. It looks like she is still visiting her kids as new pics are posted rather regularly. The kids have those hollow looks in their eyes though. Say a prayer for them please.

Schmee, their bio dad, broke up with his girlfriend and I don't think he's doing anything in the case at this point in time.

Update on Daisy and her sister, Dandelion
Daisy and Dandelion are still in formal foster care. They haven't been moved to a relative's home yet. Their next court date is in the last week of June. Kori hasn't contacted me at all in over a month. (I know the court date because of a website I have access to.) I keep hearing bits and pieces about the Flower Girls because the professionals at my pediatrician have been rather loose in sharing details with me about Daisy and her condition.

Daisy is regressing significantly because she's not receiving quality care in her home. She's dirty and rather unkempt. The people at the doctor's office believe that the foster family the girls are in isn't capable of caring for them well at all.

Daisy is also having serious problems sleeping again. Of course, Kori took Daisy off of the Baclofen I had fought so hard for her to get and when Daisy came back in to Care, no one thought to tell the new foster family she needed it. (In fact, no one told the new foster family that Daisy is a child with special needs. No one told the foster mom that Daisy has a shunt!!!!) I had a lengthy conversation with the nurse practitioner about how long Daisy's sleeping issues have been a problem. Hopefully she'll be able to do something about it. Though, in all honesty, the Rx probably needs to be written by the neurologist so I have no idea if there will be enough follow through.

Update on Pumpkin, Dude and Dolly
Because of that website I have access to, I keep track of the court dates for my old cases. Pumpkin actually had court today! Despite the fact that her biological mother is dead, her father hasn't been in her life at all in well over five years, and she's been in a stable relative home since September 21, 2012...Pumpkin has not been adopted yet. < sigh > I don't message her aunt and uncle very often though so I don't know what's going on. I figure I'll send her aunt a text on Mother's Day like I do every year. According to the website, their next court date is in August. < double sigh >

Dude and Dolly's case has been officially closed. That must have happened back in January at their last court hearing. Sadly, the website I have access to doesn't tell me the outcome of any of the hearings. Just when they are scheduled.

Update on Ricky
Finally. Good news!!
Ricky is doing wonderful!! He's officially out of foster care and he's still with his godmother, Rebecca. He's doing well in school and he finished off his diving season with a school record! Ricky has a job at WalMart and continues to make good strides toward adulthood. We don't talk a lot. I get a text every now and then. Ricky and Herman are good friends though and spend the night together periodically (usually over at Ricky's house where there are many more electronic toys to play with). Ricky invited me to the annual swim/dive team banquet again this year. I was honored by that and was thrilled to attend with Ricky and Rebecca.

Here's something funny...
I found this song when Ricky lived with us and was able to turn it into my ring tone for him. He used to text me just so I'd hear, "mmmm mmmm mmmm I do love a chimichanga!!" I still love to hear that ring tone go off!

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Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear the sad updates on some of these cherubs. Will be praying for them.
I stalk Wendy's fb too. It appears she and her new beau got engaged in mid-April (per his fb page)... it won't surprise me if she has a new baby in a year or less.
Happy for Ricky!