Saturday, July 11, 2015


When tax time rolled around this year my husband and I debated, briefly, about whether or not we should claim Daisy for 2014. She was with us for 10 months. Legally, and yes...this is for all foster parents, we could claim Daisy. It made a pretty big difference as to our refund size. But we also though of Kori and Daisy and how they might need that money as well.

When Daisy came back in to Care in February, that pretty much sealed the deal. I was late, for me anyway, in filing our taxes. But I knew that now there was no question. We were claiming Daisy.

I finished filling out all the forms online. When I got to the end the tax program informed me that someone had already claimed Miss Daisy for 2014.

That didn't deter me. I printed out our taxes and got a letter from our licensing agency stating the dates that Daisy was legally under our care. I sent that letter along with the paperwork we were given at placement so that there would be no question that we were legally entitled to claim Daisy on our taxes.

Note: if you've got foster care tax questions,
an accountant friend of mine wrote this post about the subject.

I mailed the huge envelope and waiting.

Then I got a huge envelope back in the mail.

Duh. I had forgotten to sign the forms myself. We file joint. I needed to sign too. Ugh!

So we waited some more.

I'm happy to report though that as of yesterday, the entire refund that we were legally entitled to was deposited into our bank account. I have to assume that Kori will be getting a letter in the mail questioning the legality of claiming Daisy. But really, that's not my problem.

This money couldn't have come at a better time too. With Mr. Amazing having surgery in Central Texas in less than 2 weeks, we've got a few extra expenses coming up for sure!


Foster Mom - R said...

We got a letter the 2nd year the Fab Four were with us that's said someone else had claimed the SSN. It said if we filed properly we did not need to take any action. We had and had already gotten then return back. Maria's immigration attorney told her to claim them but never bothered to check the custody dates. We also offered to claim them the year the were partially with us and give her the refund (which would have been bigger) but she turned it down for immigration reasons. It's a shame because if she had taken it, it would have paid off the majority of the child support the state charged her when the kids were in care.

MamaFoster said...

Glad you got it

Anonymous said...

When you have time:~ more on Mr. A recovery. What is Herman up to and when does he start college? mid august? Will he still live with you? Where is Star re her milestones and development.
And, as always, Thank you for what you are doing to improve the world for all of us and especially for the children who need help.