Monday, August 10, 2015

update on Miss Daisy

Kori had court today. Kori texted me when it was all done.

Rights were not terminated. This was not a TPR trial. However, Kori was put in a position where she basically had to sign custody over to a relative. As of today, one of Bio Dad's sisters has Permanent Managing Conservatorship (PMC) over Daisy and her little sister, Dandelion.

Kori was given three weekends a month for supervised visitation. Any adult can supervise though. I highly doubt there is going to be any oversight at all now. That scares me just a little. I don't know this aunt. I do know that she had zero contact with Miss Daisy the entire time Daisy lived with me (10 months). I don't know her agenda. I don't know if she will protect Daisy and make sure she gets all the interventions she needs. Kori claims the aunt is a bit of an air head.

Interestingly enough, Bio Dad - the man that nearly killed Daisy - also gets three weekends a month of supervised visits. Yes. He almost killed her. Kori defended him in criminal court. He got off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. And now he gets regular visitation with his daughters.

Kori still stands behind her thoughts that Bio Dad did not intentionally hurt Daisy. She still believes it was an accident.

She claims that their relationship has fizzled out though. Just sort of disintegrated. She says her focus is on her children now. Only her children.

So...she's moving five hours north from here (away from Daisy and Dandelion) to move back in with her ex-husband and their two children. I mentioned that I would hate driving from Central Texas to the border three times a month. She replied that anyone can supervise her visits...even her ex-husband.

I could speculate all day long as to what is going to happen next. I've got a pretty good feeling that The System screwed this case up yet again. Kori says she'll continue to text me and send me pictures of her kids.

And kind of like how you can't look away when you drive by an accident, I hope she still does.


Foster Mom - R said...

No words....just lots of prayers that this Aunt is going to protect those children.

Anonymous said...

Kori's judgement of others is clearly not excellent. Maybe auntie is not an airhead. Maybe auntie will do right by both the children. Some sisters really do see their brothers clearly and maybe this is a sister who does. Maybe 'dad' will see what he has done and maybe he will change. OR maybe he will now stop having much contact with both children.
The court has not acted in the best interests of the children so we have to hope and, if we believe in a responsive God, pray, that God responds and cares for these children. And that auntie does also. I am glad the girls did not come back into your household given how this has played out. That would have been even more painful for you all.
I am SO VERY SORRY. I hope all your family is held in love and that you have comfort in knowing you all did everything possible to give Daisy the help and love she needed and needs. SO very much sympathy and grief. Thank you for the concrete things you do to help every child who passes near you.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if ex husband knows that Kori is moving back in with him. Kori doesn't seem too connected with reality and might be just assuming that the ex will welcome her. Kori might be unpleasantly surprised when she arrives.

Reality is that when you move five hours away you are not coming back for visits on a regular basis.

Here's to hoping the aunt will do right by these girls

Kareninaz said...

Just read your recent update and wanted to look back at Daisy's posts. This is SO sad :(. Foreshadowing too that Aunt must be an airhead and didn't protect the girls. I wonder if she an get in trouble too? :(