Thursday, September 3, 2015

thank you girlfrog2003 & Aileen

The PPCD is located at a different campus than the elementary my kids have all gone to.

There is hope.

His ECI coordinator says we start working on the transition when Russell turns 27 months old. That's this November. That should give me enough time to figure out all I need to know to either be OK with the public school system or to start working on getting permission to home school.

I'm glad I can know a little bit better of what to expect. I can handle him being in a self-contained classroom as long as it is an enriching environment.

Thanks for your comments. I feel ever so slightly better about this.

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Kaci Jo said...

I didn't read the last comments, but for my guy who's 26 months old, at 27 months we will go to his future classroom for an hour every other week, so he can get used to it and I can experience it. I live in Iowa so you know things are very different, but that might be something you could advocate for!