Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thanksgiving traditions

This is off topic...but I sort of brought it up when I mentioned in the last post that we eat different food at Thanksgiving. Our tradition seems to make people curious and I tend to get a lot of comments on my personal Facebook when we talk about how we do Turkey Day. So, I'll share our tradition here.  :)

Most importantly, I want to state that I try to live a life of Thanksgiving. Every prayer we pray in our family starts off with the things we are thankful for. We praise God, give thanks for things in our life, and then ask for help. This is our daily attitude.

When it comes to Thanksgiving though, the actual holiday, I could take it or leave it.

I like family coming together and all that jazz. But I don't much care for turkey. I don't eat gravy. I don't like stuffing. And other than mashed potatoes, I don't look forward to any other "traditional" Thanksgiving foods.

When Mr. Amazing and I first got married, all our Thanksgivings were at either his parents' house or mine. Of course we ate all the traditional foods. I wouldn't dream of complaining either. When we had our first Thanksgiving alone though, I think I served ham.

For almost 10 years now, we've lived far away from family. Thanksgiving is usually just the five of us along with any bonus cherubs living in our home. Neighbors have come over - typically extra kids anyway. And Mr. Amazing has had people come over from work too. I don't remember when it started exactly, but our tradition is to serve anything BUT traditional Thanksgiving food.

We start planning our theme sometime in October. We toss all sorts of ideas around. It's a fun dinnertime conversation. Once we finally decide on a theme, we then spend a few weeks talking about all the foods that we can make within that theme. I go ALL OUT. I make TONS of food. But it's not traditional.

Past themes have included:

STEAK HOUSE: ribeye steaks, loaded baked potatoes, salad, fresh rolls, etc.
ITALIAN: an antipasto platter, several different pasta dishes, salads, garlic bread, tiramisu, etc.
DINER: three different slider burgers, onion rings, milkshakes, etc.
BREAKFAST: pancakes, baked French toast, fruit sauce, muffins, etc.
BBQ (we've done this a few times): ribs, brisket, chicken, sausage, beans, creamed corn, etc.
TRADITIONAL: ok....ok...we did do a traditional Thanksgiving one year - only the turkey was smoked by Mr. Amazing on his pit

Last year was Porksgiving....all things pork. Mr. Amazing smoked a pork shoulder and most of the side dishes had some form of pork in them. We had bacon green beans, sausage-filled baked beans, bacon cornbread, and more.

This year we're calling it Appsgiving. I'm serving appetizers all day long. The menu is not 100% set in stone. I'm not sure if I'm going to serve it as a "meal" where we actually all sit down together. Or if I'm just going to keep cranking out food all day long and we're just going to graze. So far, the list looks like this:
mini cinnamon rolls
monkey bread
mini sausage rolls
chocolate chip cheeseball with graham crackers
spinach artichoke dip
white pizza dip
bacon-wrapped little smokies
potato skins
shrimp cocktail
deviled eggs
pizza pinwheels
grilled chicken skewers
fried chicken fingers
mini banana-split pies
pumpkin cheesecake shooters
Oreo fluff shots

There might be more. There might be less.  :)  I do love to cook like I'm feeding a million people.

And now I'll end this post like I do every one I put on my personal Facebook....y'all are welcome. If you're anywhere close to the border of Mexico, send me an email. I'll tell you who I really am and I'll give you my address. You're more than welcome to come over and share some of our abundance.

Happy Appsgiving!! 


Konii Thomas said...

I wish I was closer LOL!! This is how my Mom did Thanksgiving too (mainly because she didn't have a clue how to cook a turkey)

Emily said...

What a FUN tradition!!! I love it! I don't live close to the border of Mexico...but I do live not too far from the sea route to Cuba. Would be such fun to meet you in person someday. =)

Anonymous said...

I think that if I were a foster kid I'd love to be at your home for Thanksgiving. A day where I wouldn't have to sit at the table pretending I was in a Norman Rockwell painting. perfect.

Hard enough to be a foster kid. Harder to have respite for the holiday. Still harder to do a traditional Thanksgiving with strangers (no matter how nice, welcoming the family). An appetizer Thanksgiving = perfect.

Lucy said...

Wow. That appetizer menu sounds AMAZING. I so wish I lived in Texas right now! ;-)

MamaFoster said...

When you said the name on fb I thought you meant Apple themed hahahahah I was trying to figure out what you would make with apples.

Pam H. said...

I think I just decided to ditch my family coming for a visit, and travel 10-15 states just for your Appsgiving. Sounds great and love your ideas. Thanks for sharing!