Sunday, November 15, 2015

what I know about Dude and Dolly

Several people have asked me on this. I don't have much of an answer.

I've sent a text message to Great Grandma P. She told me she's trying to get ahold of some relative in the Dallas area that knows Bio Mom and Grandma N (who has Dude and Dolly). GGP hasn't messaged me again.

I sent a Facebook message to the one relative I "know" in the Dallas area. This is a maternal cousin to the kids. GGP had connected me to this person last year. She messaged me back and said she didn't know anything about the situation. It's obvious she has little to no contact with Dude and Dolly.

I continue to stalk Bio Mom's public Facebook page. This was her status yesterday:
I'm so blessed to have my family and my love ones back thru thick and thin ..I love u my kiddos I miss u too ...but today was a special day had a blazed......with (Grandma N) (Dolly) and (Dude), me my bby and hubby.......muahhh I love youuuuuuu?!!?????
SIDE NOTE: Bio Mom has had two babies after Dude and Dolly. Baby Zippy came in to Care when I still had Dude and Dolly but was placed with an aunt - sister to Bio Mom. Bio Mom is parenting her fourth child. The baby referenced in her post above is the one she has custody of. The "hubby" she mentions is of no relation to Dude and Dolly. Their bio dad is back in prison.

Bio Mom still lives in Houston. Her contact with Dude and Dolly is incredibly sporadic. I know that according to a FB status Bio Mom posted back in September that she didn't even know how to find Dude and Dolly in Dallas.

Apparently Grandma N is still alive. I know nothing of her health status. I have to assume that the children are still in her care and haven't been put back in foster care.

I probably won't hear anything again from anyone. I'm not going to go out of my way to do anything myself about this. I have to trust that the cherubs are safe. As far as I am concerned, nothing is any different today than it was over 2 years ago when they left me. All I can do is pray for the children and move on with my own life.

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