Sunday, January 17, 2016

Friday, January 8

I left the story hanging with Julie, the investigator, still needing to come to our house. Despite the fact that she interviewed me at the hospital, she still had to see Star in person, look at our house, and interview Mr. Amazing.

All she told me when she left the hospital that Monday was that she'd come to my house on Friday. She didn't set up an appointment so I didn't know when to expect her for sure. Julie showed up that Friday right around lunchtime.

I can't even give y'all a full play-by-play anymore. The experience was basically uneventful. (Granted, I was thoroughly messed up emotionally for a few hours after she left. But still...)

She came in. She saw the children. We talked about all that had happened since Russell left the hospital (he was seen by his pediatrician and he got his cast at the orthopedic doctor's office). Then she took a quick tour of the house.

The only thing she asked about was the bumper I had on the crib. I purchased full mesh bumpers for Russell because he was constantly sticking his legs through the bars of the crib and getting himself stuck. Several weeks ago I switched the sleeping arrangements around. Russell was moved to the pack-n-play downstairs because of his frequent early morning risings. He doesn't cry. But he does play very loudly in his crib and he would wake TT and Bart occasionally. By moving him to the guest room downstairs, that eliminated that problem.

When I put Star in Russell's crib, I didn't even really think about the bumpers. They were fully legal for Russell because he's over one year old. I should have removed them because Star isn't. I didn't though.

Julie looked at the bumpers and asked if my licensing agency had approved them. I told her how I had recently swapped beds around and had spaced it off completely. She touched them. She mentioned how they had been debating whether or not mesh bumpers were allowed with infants younger than 12 months old. Julie said she couldn't remember what the final consensus was. She insisted that she wouldn't cite me for the bumpers but that she'd let me know.

Maybe that whole conversation is why I was an emotional wreck for a few hours.

I do NOT want to get in trouble for anything. And I'll be honest, CPS scares the shit out of me. Dancing this close to them voluntarily is a scary adventure sometimes.

Anyway, Julie was super laid back. She came back downstairs and said that she couldn't interview Mr. Amazing right then because she had an urgent investigation she had to tend to in another town. She also mentioned something about wanting to interview TT as well (because TT had held Russell on his lap that fateful evening of the leg break).

We told Julie that the interview with Mr. Amazing would have to wait for at least another week because he was going out of state for a work training. She wasn't phased by this at all. She doesn't suspect us of anything. She just has to do due diligence and wrap this up.

I still get nervous when I think about it all. My stomach will still get in knots. I'm not going to relax until the investigation is 100% over. Even if that happens within the next two weeks, I probably won't settle down much because court is getting closer and closer.

But Russell is doing wonderful. He can get around anywhere he wants to. I just have to hang on for a couple more weeks. Then I'll know if I can breathe a sigh of relief or not. (I'm super nervous about court!)


Annie said...

What is on the docket for court? Russell's current goal is non-relative adoption, right?

Cherub Mamma said...

All I know is that as of the last time I formally talked with Bopper, the hearing on the 29th of January is the TPR trial. The goal in the case, as of the last time I asked, was still non-relative adoption.

However, the lawyer for CPS seems to think the case for TPR isn't very strong.

Criminally, no one was charged. And even for CPS, no one is on the file as being responsible for the EXTREME physical abuse of Russell. Literally. It says that "unknown" has "reason to believe" for the physical abuse.

(I may have reported that Star's bio dad was on file for RTB of the physical abuse. But I was wrong about that. He isn't being held responsible for anything. Mom is only being held responsible for physical neglect and medical neglect.)

Thandi said...

:-( This is awful for you. It just really shows how much love you have for these precious children. Praying it all ends with tears of joy.

Annie said...

That is just shocking to me. I can't believe that what Russell endured isn't being treated as a VERY BIG DEAL. That is just so messed up.