Thursday, January 7, 2016

Saturday, January 2

It was a normal day. Nothing major to report. We all did our lazy weekend stuff.

It was sometime around 5:00pm when the only thing notable happened.

Russell and Star were in baby jail together playing. Russell started throwing toys out and was getting a bit wild. I needed to redirect in order to keep Star safe.

I picked Russell up and put him outside the gate (of baby jail) and I started picking up the toys with him that he had thrown out. I was stern. I have to be. Russell HAS to learn that throwing toys and hitting is not OK. (The two usually go hand in hand when the babies are together. I had only seen him throw though.)

From there, I picked Russell up and put him in an exersaucer.
He's too big for the actual bouncer (stationary - with bungee cords) that he used to love. He gets too wild in that one. But the one pictured above is safe for him. It contains him briefly, gives him toys to play with, but doesn't enable him to throw anything or hit anyone. I guess you could say it's where he goes for "time out".

By now, Russell was crying.

I don't know if he was crying because I was stern with him. Or because I took him from his toys. Or because I had to wipe his nose off. But he was crying. And it was a VERY different cry from normal.

I left Russell in the exersaucer for only a couple minutes. When he didn't settle down, I picked him right up. As I was picking him up out of the exersaucer, his shoe got caught on the leg opening. I tugged a little before I realized what happened. His shoe popped off.

I held him for just a bit. He was still fussy. Not crying outright. But something wasn't right. I decided to see if maybe he was tired. He hadn't napped good that day so I put him in bed.

Again, Russell kept fussing. It wasn't a cry I recognized. So I went back into the bedroom after just about 2-3 minutes. I did not leave him crying anywhere for long.

By now though, Miss Star had decided that she was jealous. She did not want to be in baby jail alone and she did not like the fact that I was holding Russell and not her.

The big kids were in the living room watching a movie. I took Russell and plunked him down on TT's lap. Russell immediately snuggled in a fell asleep.
I took care of Star and went about my business. I decided that Russell's fussiness must have been because of some trigger. Maybe the loud movie. Maybe because I was stern with him. I didn't know. But when he fell asleep, I figured he was just tired, too.

Russell stayed on TT's lap for a bit. When TT wanted to escape the sleeping toddler, I made a bed on the floor of the living room with a big blanket and a pillow. Russell slept there for maybe an hour or so.

When he woke up, he was still fussy.

I didn't know if it was because of his cold and the fact that I had to keep wiping his nose. Then I remembered how his leg had gotten stuck in the exersaucer. Maybe I had hurt his hip or something pulling him out. Because of the Downs syndrome he has very loose ligaments. Maybe I had hurt him. I felt so bad. But it didn't seem severe. He wasn't crying. He was just fussy in a way I had never heard before.

I fed him supper. I noticed at bedtime, when I changed his diaper, that he was favoring his right leg. He wouldn't put it down on the ground. I was worried. But figured even more than I must have hurt his hip or something. There were no marks on his skin. There was no swelling. And I couldn't tell for sure what was wrong. I gave him some Tylenol and I put him to bed. I have a monitor between his bedroom and mine. I knew that if he woke up crying, we'd go to the emergency room. But I didn't want to mess with that if I didn't have to.

Sure enough, he went to bed without any problems and he slept all night long. I never heard a peep.

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