Saturday, January 9, 2016

Thursday, January 7

This was an easy day.

Occupational therapy came at 9:30am to evaluate Russell. She actually dropped two of his nine goals because he has met them now. (They were old goals.) His regular OT assistant will be able to start seeing Russell next week just like before.

Russell had gotten up super early so I put him down for nap the minute OT left. He woke up just shy of noon – when PT showed up.

I had to explain everything...again...about the break. It just makes me sick every single time. I feel horrible that anything happened to my little guy while under my care.

The physical therapist had to write all new goals for Russell. Obviously, he can't work on running, or jumping, or walking up stairs. Because the orthopedic surgeon said there are no restrictions, he can weight bear as tolerated, the new goals are things like learning how to pull up, balancing, strengthening his arms, and even cruising along furniture. (Despite the size of the cast, I have been assured by both doctors and my internet research that this is a common and minor break for toddlers to have. Even though the cast is not designed for weight bearing - it has a 10% bend and he has to balance on his toes - he can stand in it if he wants to.)

At 2:00pm I took Russell and Star to visit their mother. Nothing notable happened there. I picked them up at 4:00pm and we all went home.

In the evening, I did something for me.

By nature, I'm an extrovert. (Probably explains why I blog.) But in reality, at least right now, I have VERY few opportunities to socialize. I work from home. We've pretty much stopped going to church (partially because of the babies' schedules...and partially because we haven't found a church where we fit in and I hate church shopping). My two closest local friends moved away (one across town and one across the state). I haven't really connected on a personal level with anyone in B.A.C.A. either. It seems my best friends are the therapists and social workers that come to my house all the time. It's sad.

Now, I've got acquaintances that support me and help out when needed. But I don't have anyone close to me that I can just call up to go gab with. I'm always dealing with babies and kid stuff. My schedule doesn't have a ton of flexibility in it. And I haven't made the effort to get to know anyone else. It's my fault and I'll own that. But I am painfully lonely.

While talking about my loneliness in an online group where I've got friends, we discussed meeting local people with common interests online as a way to get to know more people IRL. (I've got FANTASTIC online friends. People that "get" me and this foster care lifestyle.) That seemed like a good idea. I could find a group on Facebook or something.

Well, I got to thinking about that and tried to figure out what "interest" I could use to connect with others. A couple weeks ago I decided to search Facebook to see if there was an local Down syndrome support group. Sure enough...there was. I asked to join the group online and I got to "talk" to the president of the group. Thursday night was the first monthly meeting since I connected with the group.

I am not a Nervous Nellie. But I think with all the investigation stuff going on, I'm just more sensitive right now. I didn't REALLY want to go to this meeting. I knew it would put me outside of my comfort zone. But I have GOT to start getting out and doing things. I just have to.

So off I went.

The meeting was pleasant. There were about 10 other families there I think. The presentation was from a local organization whose mission is dedicated to improving the quality of life for children with disabilities and their families by enabling them to participate in various events and activities throughout the community. They are involved with full community inclusion and have organized some pretty awesome things in the past for kids with special needs.

I got to talk to some other parents. I got out of the house. And I did something just for me. It wasn't quite as relaxing as a spa day or something that wasn't centered around parenting and special needs. But it was nice to make some local connections.

Once home, I stayed up entirely too late writing Part Three of this investigation adventure we're on. I also tried not to worry about Julie, the investigator, who was scheduled to come on Friday.


Anonymous said...

Hugs and cheers and thank yous. Also tremendous acknowledgement of how hard it is to meet people and make close friends. Proud of you.

Annie said...

Well, I can't wait to hear how things turn out..... I'm keeping you all in my prayers.