Friday, January 8, 2016

Tuesday, January 5

The morning was average in nature. I got up and helped get my hubby ready for work. Bart and TT did their morning routines and headed off to school. I waited for OT to show up for therapy and for Kenda, my licensing worker, to show up for a home visit.

At about 7:30am, Russell's occupational therapy assistant sent me a text. They had been wrong the day before. All of Russell's actual therapists had to come to the house to do an evaluation before services could start up again. (They had given me the impression that the only official eval that had to be done was for physical therapy.) I told her that I understood and went about things now just waiting for Kenda.

Just shy of 9:00am or so, Kenda arrived. She asked all the questions she needed to. She observed the children. She took notes for her report. And then she left. It didn't take long. This visit was part of the "safety plan" that was put into place by my licensing agency as part of the investigation. Kenda has to come at least once a week. I think some of the visits, if not all, are supposed to be unannounced. Then she submits her reports to CPS who then turns them in to the courts. I knew about this visit though and was ready. (Not that I clean for social workers. I still don't clean for social workers. There were dirty dishes in my sink, laundry on the floor by the washer, and the beds weren't made when the investigator came today. I still just live my life the way I live my life. No mad cleaning or external freaking out from me.)

As Kenda was here, I went about my business packing the diaper bag and getting the cherubs ready to leave. As she walked out to her car, I walked to mine and buckled the babies in to their respective car seats. I took off across town to go see our primary care physician.

There might be about 4 dozen or more doctors closer to my house than where I go with my kids. But it's worth it. Thankfully, Tuesday was no exception. The office was relatively empty and we were seen as a walk-in with a very minimal wait. I got even luckier because the professional on staff was my favorite nurse practitioner.

Once again I had to tell the story about the break.

Every time I have to tell someone how Russell got hurt I feel like hell. I honestly wish I had a story like "he fell off the bed" or something. I feel terrible saying that I don't really know how it happened.

NP Tammy listened to everything and told me a zillion times to not worry about it. (Again with all the medical people telling me to calm down. I wish I could. I'm still a wreck and I will be until CPS closes the case entirely.)

I got a medical clearance from NP Tammy for Russell to start all of his therapies again. I also asked for a referral to a geneticist. I, along with other professionals in the investigation, want his bones checked for osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease). The appointment took less than an hour from start to finish. I loaded the babies back up and headed home.

Russell and Star had a visit with their mother that afternoon. I had orders from NP Tammy to restrict Russell's movement (crawling). After discussing things with Bopper, it was decided that I would leave my stroller with Mom for the visit so Russell would have somewhere to sit. That way we would know that Russell was safe and wouldn't be injured further. I told Bopper that Mom could get him out. But she would HAVE to protect him and his leg. Bopper said that she would do her best to be at the visit at 2:00pm to talk to Mom in person.

In the waiting room for the visit, I told the monitor about the movement restrictions. I also told her that Bopper was going to come talk to Mom in person. The monitor tried to call Bopper but was unsuccessful in locating her. The monitor assured me she would explain things to Mom. I said goodbye and left the building.

The visit went fine. Mom left him in the stroller the whole time. It didn't seem to phase Russell. We went home.

A little over half an hour later, Bopper called me to check on the kids. She apologized for not being at the visit in person. She then went on to tell me bits and pieces of what she had been busy doing just a few hours prior.

I really don't know much. I certainly don't know enough to blog about it. But...something happened with the babies' big sister, Violet, and her placement. Mom was caught in lies. Mom's sister was caught in lies. Bopper and her supervisor were in the middle of it all. It was ugly whatever it was. (Violet was originally placed with an aunt when Russell's case was opened. Then she moved to her bio dad's house. Then I think she moved to her paternal grandmother's house. Now...I'm not sure where she's at.)

Immediately my body tensed. Were we going to have to take placement of Violet now?

Oh my!

Bopper said things were under control. She didn't give me any real information though.

She did go on to say that her supervisor, Raymond, instructed her that Bio Mom needs to start coming to all of Russell's medical appointments.

Oh my!

Bopper seemed horribly uncomfortable telling me all of this. She told me she didn't understand. I told her CPS doesn't make sense doing this when the goal in the case is non-relative adoption. She agreed with me. The goal hasn't been reunification for quite some time now. Having a bio parent go to medical appointments, to me anyway, only makes sense if the child is going to go home to the parent. I personally think Mom should have been required to go to medical appointments the minute Russell came to me. But once the goal got switched to adoption, that should have ended. It doesn't make sense to start having her come now.

Bopper was still upset from everything she had been doing with Raymond and Violet that afternoon. I could tell she didn't feel right. Bopper is something of a church mouse. She's super sweet. She's crazy timid. She's soft spoken. She literally told me to my face that she's easily scared. I honestly can't believe that CPS hasn't chewed her up and spit her back out again. She's not incredibly new either. She's been around for several years at least.

I told her I thought it was ridiculous. But of course, I would comply. I sent her the doctors' names and addresses for both of our Wednesday appointments.

I spent the rest of the night wondering if we would be adding a scared little three-year-old to our family soon.


Anonymous said...

I would think a malnourished child with a broken bone would not heal that, or any other, break well. I think you might want to be asking if his other breaks are equally fragile. This would make a difference with his PT activities. This would be different from Brittle Bones in general. And more of his previous bones may fracture now he is growing if the repairs done by nature while malnourished.... well. You know the rest of what I am saying. Ask the doctors especially genius bro.
I am sending you support and good wishes. Is Star back with you? Since "Mom" speaks only Spanish who tells her what is happening at doctor visits? Maybe she is being required to show in order to prove she doesn't or isn't able to understand her children's medical providers?
Sympathy and support!

Anonymous said...

If it turns out that he has Brittle Bones, would CPS go back and relook at the case? Or, because he was also malnourished would that be enough to keep him from being returned to his bio mom? I just can't help but wonder if they determine his bones are brittle if that could in turn mean all of his previous fractures and breaks get reexamined also.