Thursday, May 5, 2016

what I heard about court

Bopper just sent me a text.

Everything is a she expected today. But nothing changed in the case.

The babies stay with us.

The goal is still to eventually move them to Russell's paternal grandparents' home.

The visit schedule is staying the same. The babies will visit their mother in the CPS office twice a week for three hours each visit. And they will visit their grandparents and Russell's dad on Wednesdays for two hours.

Bopper wanted to move the visits with the grandparents back to my home and set up a separate visit for Dad in the CPS office. I indicated that I'm not willing to open up my home for visits again.

Well...I posed it as a question...telling her first that I wouldn't fight it.

But Bopper immediately said that she'd keep it to just one visit for everyone on the paternal side at the CPS office. And really, that's better for the babies. They don't need ANOTHER visit thrown into the mess each week.

Weekend visits at the grandparents home will start eventually. However, no one knows when. My vote would be July. The next court hearing is August 1. I do NOT think a transition involving overnight visits should last longer than a month. It's hard on kids and even harder on babies. They don't understand and it is so challenging to their schedule. Of vote in this matter doesn't count.

Ms. Remus (the babies' lawyer) asked for permission to travel in June for us. The judge said he needed to see the request. He wouldn't agree to anything yet. So I still don't know if I get to go on vacation or not.

This, along with some other unrelated crappy Foster Care Land news, has got me in a horrible funk today.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. Wish it were more encouraging.
Are you able to legally report on local news if you draw no connections between people you may have known and what the news is as a reflection of trends in care in your location?
Hope so.
Very sorry at what I am guessing is happening. SO DISCOURAGING, between Fosterhood in NYC and 2ndhandsayso and you; the chaos across the country with foster care is appalling and reflects a very real lack of care for what research says is best for children and public laws about rights to justice in reasonable timeframes.
Thank you for what you are doing and the stability you have brought into these children's lives for even a short period. Hopefully that will increase their ability to have positive lives.

Anonymous said...

You and others may wonder sometimes about the impact of your blogging and posting on Fbk. For the record: I learn from you about the system and about parenting. But more than that you are a model of courage and moving forward into the unknown with strength and hope.
Thank you.

Kay said...

I saw some news last Friday that I believe was related to one of your past cases. Prayers for all cherubs, past and present!

Cherub Mamma said...

Can you send me an email with what you found? Please!!!! I've been unable to find any news articles - though they definitely should be there given the nature of what happened.