Friday, June 10, 2016

another update on Daisy

On May 3, 2016, Daisy's little sister, Dandelion, was murdered by her father. She was shaken/beaten much in the way that Daisy had been.

On May 18, 2016, an adversary hearing was held in the county this happened in. The adversary hearing is also called the "show cause" hearing. It must be held no later than 14 days after the date the child was removed. The purpose of the hearing is to determine whether the child's emergency removal was proper and to get temporary orders for the protection of the child until the case is over.

At the adversary hearing, the Judge may decide to return the child home or place the child with a family member. In Daisy's case, she remained in foster care. The adversary hearing is the only chance, for awhile anyway, for the Judge to hear the situation surrounding removal from the point of view of the parent(s). Obviously the Judge ruled to protect Daisy this time around. The Judge kept Daisy in foster care.

Daisy was almost killed by her father back in 2013. Kori, her mother, fought the entire time claiming that it was an accident and that she deserved full custody. Daisy's dad wasn't a bad man. He was just a giant teddy bear. He never meant to hurt Daisy. Foster care wasn't necessary. Kori could protect Daisy.

Obviously Kori was wrong. Dead wrong.

And even though I don't have many details, it looks like Kori still believes she should have custody of Daisy. She still doesn't see her role in any of this.

On May 19, 2016, Kori filed a request for a Trial De Novo. My Google research tells me that this particular trial is not always an easy one to get. You have a very short window in which to file the appropriate paperwork. Kori filed her paperwork less than 24 hours after the initial adversary hearing. This tells me that Kori is seriously working The System again!! At any rate, a Trial De Novo is basically a do-over. It's not like an appeal, where new information cannot be presented. It is a full do-over. Kori is going to go before a Judge and try to present a case as to why she should have custody, right now, of Daisy.

Her child died! Dandelion is dead. Kori was unable to protect her child. She chose to illegally take her children from the permanent guardian they had been assigned to. She chose to move to Central Texas away from where the first case happened. She chose to stay with the man that nearly killed Daisy. And she's going to keep on doing whatever it takes to try and get Daisy back...again.

The Trial De Novo is set for June 16, 2016.

The person that called me originally to tell me about the death of Dandelion has been subpoenaed to testify in the new trial. This contact messaged me yesterday to tell me that they will call me on their way back from the trial to tell me what happened.

I'm very grateful for this! The ONLY information I'm gathering about the new case with Daisy is what I can find posted publicly on the internet. And really, that's not much. The story never did make the news. The reporter at the newspaper I contacted isn't doing any investigative work. They tell me it's a good story - they just don't have time for it.

And even though I made contact with someone who knows someone who knows how to find out where Daisy is...Daisy's current foster family hasn't reached out to me yet. (It's complicated. But they could have.) Either the licensing agency doesn't trust me enough to give the new foster family my information. Or the new foster family was told how to reach me and has decided not to.

Either way - it's wrong.

Daisy deserves better. Daisy deserves for her current caregiver(s) to know about her entire history. And we all know that CPS leaves out crucial details. Shoot...the last time Daisy went into foster care CPS didn't even tell her new foster family about the shunt in Daisy's brain. That's just a minor detail that, if ignored, could have killed Daisy. Shunt malfunction is a real thing.

I've been told that my contact will try to touch base with Daisy's new CPS worker while they are there together at the trial next week. My contact will tell them again that we just want to help.

I'm not holding my breath that I'm going to hear much. But I'm grateful I will hear something. Once I sign on the line for a kid in Care...I give them my all. I never stop loving them. I never stop wanting the best for them. And I will be a resource for the rest of their life in whatever capacity I am allowed.


Anonymous said...

Heart breaking. Can BACA get involved?

Makes me extra glad you had A triggered child today identify his trigger and plan to take corrective action. You really really really needed a win this week.

I am thinking about the national news the 'Stanford rape' story is getting ...... Daisy and her sister deserve the same response. Wish it would happen.

In the meantime we are all holding you and your family and ALL your children in our hearts and prayers.

Cherub Mamma said...

The role of BACA is to empower a child that is afraid. Most of the time, this is only for children that are being required to testify in court against their abuser. Though - BACA will bring a child into the fold that is "just" afraid of their abuser and fears retaliation of some sort.

There's nothing that BACA could do to help Daisy. We aren't vigilantes.

I wish Daisy and Dandelion would just make the State news. The story is one full of neglect on the part of CPS. As awesome of a worker as Mr. CW was...he couldn't prevent placement back with Mom. I do not fault him. But there were a lot of other CPS staff members responsible for Daisy...and then Dandelion...and they failed miserably!!!!

Thank you for your prayers.

I really have a peace about the whole Daisy thing. I've done everything in my power to help this time around. If I'm never contacted again, I'll be OK with that. It's sad. But I have to remind myself daily that I'm typically called to just be in a child's life for a season.

Anytime I think beyond the season I'm given, I go crazy.

Because the case I have now is one hot mess. And if I think too far ahead with these cherubs, I'll simply lose my mind.

MamaFoster said...

So so so sad

Anonymous said...

Daisy and Dandelion were living with a permanent guardian. The permanent guardian allowed Korey to remove the children from her care. Is there anything that the permanent guardian can be charged with? Endangering the welfare of a child?

Seems to me, that if you are this child's guardian and you allow the child to be taken by someone you know has previously placed stepchild in danger, you bear some responsibility for the subsequent injury.

In my mind Korey and the guardian should be charged also.

Cherub Mamma said...

I know that the aunt is a party to the new CPS case. I do hope that criminal charges are pending on her. As of the last time I checked for arrests and/or criminal court proceedings one is being held responsible for the death of Dandelion. There is no record of any party (Mom, Dad, or Aunt) in the criminal court system.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing what you know and can share.
Heartbreaking every direction.
Wishing you strength with your current babes, sending prayers for those you cannot help today, and also appreciation for the help you give whenever possible to children in need.
Times of horror and pain and sadness and grief .......

lisapooh98 said...

Hopefully your contact will be able to make ALL of these facts known to the judge so the right decision can be made for Daisy. Tell me, how in the world can a child be beaten to death, and no one is held responsible???