Thursday, June 2, 2016

cancellation letter

Dear Bopper, Bopper's Supervisor, Licensing Agency Worker, and Ms. Lawson (lawyer for the babies):

I asked for permission to travel out of state on April 12, 2016. We had hoped to leave Friday, June 10 and return to Texas on Friday, June 24. Sadly, the powers that be have been unable to secure this permission or even tell me “no” we can’t go.

I am adamantly opposed to using respite care (not to mention the fact my agency would be unable to secure respite for me at this point in time). Because of that, we are going to cancel our vacation to Iowa. Russell and Star have been with our family for a year now. It would be almost abusive to send them to a stranger’s house for two weeks. I simply couldn’t do that to them. It is unfortunate that they aren’t being given the opportunity to travel with us on a simple vacation. If they were older, this could have been devastating to them. They know my family and have spent time with them. They deserve these opportunities too. Thankfully they don’t know any better right now.

My husband needs to be able to square things away with his employer – and he needs to do that this Friday the 3rd. His boss has extended enough grace waiting this long for an answer about our travel plans. And my husband isn’t going to take time off if he isn’t actually going on a vacation. He needs to tell his boss tomorrow that he will be at work all of June.

If the Department could be so gracious as to grant us permission to travel but allow the actual travel dates to be flexible, we might be able to reschedule this vacation for a different time period yet this summer. But as of right now, too many people’s lives are hanging in balance waiting for an answer. My sister also needs to confirm things with her job as do family members on my husband’s family’s side.

I find it disappointing that so many people have to sign off for permission to travel. I understand that there are extra rules and foster care is complicated. But somehow this seems rather unfair to me and my family. We want to include our foster children equally and the State has made that very difficult. Because of our commitment to the children, we will cancel our vacation rather than disrupt their lives with the alternative.

Thank you,
Cherub Mamma


Anonymous said...

I am so very sorry.
The court and system should be embarrassed.

Empty Arms, Broken Heart said...

I think it is strange how differently things like this are handled by different states, or even counties within the same state! My agency told us in a training that the federal government made changes to the rules/laws to prevent this very thing from happening and to make foster care both less arduous on foster families and less constrictive on foster kids. With my agency, this situation would have been handled with a simple email explaining our plans. Prior to this recent change the approval process would have been relatively simple, with the case worker getting permission signed by the biological parent and/or the county agency. It is abhorrent that your plans had to change because of bureaucratic red tape and several people's inability to get their heads out of their hindquarters. Ridiculous! I am outraged on your behalf!

P.S. To be fair, I did run into issues in dealing with special permissions for when my little one needed to get a tooth pulled. I fought hard to have the surgery stick to the original date it was scheduled. Luckily for me, the county case worker agreed and got the paperwork completed in time.

Annie said...

We had a much easier time travelling, too. They are being ridiculous.