Thursday, June 16, 2016

court for Daisy today

Even though I posted about the court hearing today last week, the actual event had slipped my mind this morning. It wasn't until my phone rang at 11:15 with the name of my "source" lit up that I remembered. I immediately took the call.

I'm going to call my "source" Rita. I don't know why I feel the need to keep this person super anonymous - but I do. So I'm going to go with my gut on that.

Anyway, Rita let me know that they were at the courthouse and that she had talked to several people already. She was basically checking in with me to make sure that we still wanted custody of Daisy if necessary. Our answer is still yes. She also wanted to know if I thought Kori (Daisy's mom) would want Daisy placed with us.

I told Rita that Kori and I had stayed in contact all the way to the point in time when Bio Dad's sister got custody of the Flower Girls last year. I told Rita that when the girls came back in to Care the last time, February 2015, that Kori had called me personally and told me she wanted me to have the girls. That's all I could speak of though. I don't know how Kori feels now.

Rita shared with me that Kori originally wanted to gain full custody of Daisy back today. (Kori is delusional.) However, when Kori saw that the State had brought a number of people to testify against her, Kori changed her tune. She decided that she wanted her husband to get custody.

Kori isn't officially divorced from the man that she introduced me to as her ex-husband. Daisy's dad is a boyfriend. Kori is still married to the father of her oldest two children. (Said man has custody of those children.)

The State is trying to make a permanency plan. If necessary, Daisy could be easily placed with us because we would be considered "fictive kin". Daisy was in our care for 10 months and that actually means something. The fact that we're licensed is a big benefit too. Rita told me that a lawyer might call me yet this morning. She said my name had come up several times in conversation. That was about the extent of our conversation though. I hung up and spent the afternoon waiting to hear back.

Oh yeah...I asked...Kori was there when Dandelion was killed. No longer can Kori claim that Bio Dad is just a big teddy bear and it was an accident and she had nothing to do with it. She was there when her daughter died this time.

Time crawled all afternoon.

Just before 5:00pm, Rita finally called.

She did not get called to testify today so she spent the day outside the actual courtroom. She did talk to both the lawyer and the CASA for Daisy. Both individuals have our information. So there's that.

Rita then gave me the low down on what she heard about the hearing.

The most important thing: the judge did not grant custody to Kori's husband. Also, there are no bio family visits at this time.

Praise God!

Daisy has already blown through one foster home. Kori stopped everything when she got custody. No therapies. No medical appointments. And no medications. Daisy is seizing...probably constantly. She's also only sleeping about one hour a night. She shakes and hits herself a lot. It's bad!!

The new foster home is supposedly a very seasoned one that has dealt with special needs kiddos before. They are pending appointments with everything Daisy needs - including some sort of eye surgery.

No one has been charged with the death of Dandelion yet. They are pending autopsy results. Hopefully those will be available soon. Rita indicated they may charge as many people as three in the death. The State wants to hold the aunt that had been given custody responsible as well.

Rita mentioned to me that she discussed the lack of press on this story with others there for the hearing today. Apparently the county this happened in is regularly ignored. I will probably send an email to the reporter I reached out to initially once I hear something else from Rita about the autopsy results. Even Rita said this NEEDS to make the news. The community needs to understand the realities of child abuse. Relatives need to understand they can't take custody and just hand the kids back to the abuser(s).

Another hearing is scheduled for the 30th of this month. Rita said it might be postponed if the autopsy results aren't available yet. She said again that I should expect a phone call from the CASA, if anyone calls me. I'm not holding my breath. But I'll take the call if my phone rings!!

Rita also mentioned that I might be called to testify in the TPR trial. The State wants to expedite TPR under something called "aggravated circumstances". I told her that I can speak to the many conversations I had with Kori during the 10 months I cared for Daisy.

If anyone is feeling particularly bored, I'd love them more than Diet Coke and chocolate if they went back through all my FB posts from 2014 (Jan. - Oct.) and sent me copies of conversations with Kori that I Facebooked about. I told Rita I had some conversations documented. (lol...I didn't tell her it's on my blog) I'm not going to race to do anything yet. But I may need to have dates to link to conversations that I know I had with Kori. Times when she tried to convince me Bio Dad didn't do anything on purpose and all the times she thought I was nuts when I tried to teach her about her daughter's injuries.

Bottom line...Daisy isn't coming today. She's not scheduled to come to us at all. I'm not going to DO anything else other than wait. But I'm here if Daisy needs a permanent home full of family to advocate for her medical needs and to love on her fiercely. (Even if she does only sleep one hour a night.)


Tyna Baran said...

Praying for that sweet girl. Hope she comes back to where she is loved. I've followed you a long time and admire you. I couldn't do because I wouldn't be able to give them back. My husband and I have taken many kids and we are raising a 12 year old, that we've had since she was a baby. She is not our "granddaughter" but she is. The bad news we do not have custody and because I can promise mom wont show up and try to take her. I pray about that everyday. Good luck.

Liesl said...

My heart breaks for that precious girl, but man am I happy that it appears this may ignite some important changes. It doesn't change the horrible situation or circumstances, but it will allow it to at least not be wasted. I have to admit I pray Daisy ends up back with you all...but will wait patiently as you are!

Amber Cowart said...

Hint: If you search Cherub Mamma Daisy on facebook they all pop up, or most. Such a tragic story, praying for all of you and Daisy!

Amber Cowart said...

Hint: If you search Cherub Mamma Daisy on facebook they all pop up, or most. Such a tragic story, praying for all of you and Daisy!

Foster Mom - R said...

I hope they hold the Aunt accountable too. My kiddos were also originally given to a relative who gave the kids back to Mom. Who neglected them again.

The fact that a baby died and it was 100% preventable breaks my heart. If anything I hope your beautiful family at least gets to see Daisy and love on her.