Wednesday, June 29, 2016


This past weekend, Mr. Amazing took Herman, TT, and Bart to the Texas B.A.C.A. annual camp out. Several hundred kids and even more adults came together for a wonderful weekend of fun. Imagine a weekend filled with biker men and ladies and activities of all sorts: horseback riding, swimming, fishing, crafts, and lots and lots of water gun fights. (My favorite image is a bunch of big biker dudes getting their fingernails painted - because yeah...that happens!)

While my house was empty of big people, I cleaned. My kitchen floor is cleaner than it's been all year. I did all the laundry. I even folded and put it all away. ( joke...only happens about 4 times a year. If that.)

I sent a text to Mr. Amazing telling him that he and the big kids needed to stay away for about two more weeks.

Then I joked that he needed to bring the kids with him to his work detail in Minnesota in July. (He's going to be gone all month.) Then I said, if not that (which isn't really possible), maybe we should put Herman, TT, and Bart in our car and send them to Iowa for a vacation. Herman could handle the road trip and at least they'd get to see our extended family.

Then I stopped joking and thought about that for real. Herman really COULD do this. I'd get two weeks to myself with just the babies. The whole house would be so clean. I'd be able to go to bed early every night. I'd get so much sleep. It sounded blissful.

So Mr. Amazing told the kids. They immediately thought the idea of a "bro trip" would be awesome.

One thing led to another though, and Herman got it in his head that it would only be fun to go to Iowa if his best friend could come along too. And as much as I simply adore Herman's best friend, I knew that wasn't going to work. Herman struggles with his ability to "adult". And if his 16yo friend was along for the ride, Herman would be more teenager than adult and that wouldn't bode well for the two boys he'd be in charge of.

So I looked at my calendar. There weren't any appointments that couldn't be rescheduled coming up. I was caught up with all my freelancing. Maybe - just maybe - I should ask to go on vacation again too.

But what about my sleeping? And cleaning?

Well, I decided that a clean house and sleep isn't as important as seeing my family. I was still really bummed about missing out on our original vacation. So I took my chances and sent a text to Bopper. I asked if she could work a miracle and get me permission to travel out of state by this Friday.

It would either happen immediately or it wouldn't happen at all. Because Mom, Bopper, Bopper's supervisor, all the lawyers, and the judge gave permission before (it just came too late for us to go) -- all that should have to happen is file an advisement with the court changing the travel dates.

Bopper granted me permission to travel.

I am now in the process of figuring out how to pack up six kids (because Herman's best friend is going to come too). We will be leaving for Iowa at the butt-crack of dawn on Friday and driving as far as those six kids will let me go. We'll have one night in a hotel and, Lord willing, I'll pull in the driveway of my mom's house on Saturday. I've got a lot to do in just two days.

My kids get to do Cousins Camp this year. I get to see my family. I get to get out of Texas!! I can't wait! we come!

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