Friday, March 24, 2017

court for Sparkler

Sparkler is a friend of My Genius Sister's.

Sparkler was visiting her mother, JW, in prison this past week. JW was delicately trying to tell Sparkler that court was going to happen again. Contempt charges had been filed against Cardinal, Sparkler's paternal grandmother, and the guardianship of Sparkler was going to be contested.

JW is trying hard to not make all of this extra stressful for Sparkler. Everyone knows that anything could happen in court. Despite the fact that JW wants Sparkler to live with My Genius Sister (MGS)...Cardinal is "family" and sometimes judges can't see past that.

JW asked Sparkler if she knew about court already.

With more confidence than an 8 year old should have about matters of this nature, Sparkler schooled her mother...
"Yes, Mom. I know there is going to be court. They're going to talk about guardianship. Do you know what a guardian is, Mom? A guardian is supposed to GUARD you. And Mom, I really think MGS would guard me better than Grandma does." (paraphrased)
Things with Sparkler have deteriorated from just "not good" to downright dangerous. She moved out of the home she had been in. This, in and of itself, isn't a bad thing. The home she was in could almost have been featured on an episode of Hoarders. But her new home had no furniture, very few clothes, and no food. Plus, Grandma is drinking...a lot. She's leaving Sparkler alone. In fact, Cardinal was unable to be located not that long ago and Sparkler took it upon herself to walk to the local bar to wait for her grandma. Patrons took pity on her and bought Sparkler supper. And funny...Grandma was very surprised and angry that someone in the bar called child services and yet another investigation was opened.

So right now, My Genius Sister is at court. She doesn't get to sit in on the proceedings because she has to testify about some photos that are being presented as evidence. It's a different judge this time. And...fingers crossed...I think this judge cares more about the safety of Sparkler than the last one did.

Please say a prayer for everyone involved. I'll let y'all know what happens.

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