Monday, March 20, 2017

CPS did their monthly visit

Not word for word...but quotes from the babies' CPS worker from about an hour ago...

The children will probably go back on a monitored placement.
Then they'll come back into Care when Dad gets arrested again.

The judge gave me permission to start on the ICPC home study.

The parents have got a year to work on their case plan.

One thing that is going to hold the parents up is that they only work their services on Dad's days off.

Yes, the old case will be taken into consideration. (I asked about the 15/22 federal law.)

The parents know how to work The System. They know what to say. They'll take their classes. I've got information from the neighbors. I can't disclose to you what they said. But they know things. I hope someone will call me.

I have no proof. Mom had a black eye the other day but she refused to let me take a picture of it.

We will check the police reports to see if neighbors call the police on Mom and Dad.
Even if there's no arrest, we will factor that in.

Well, if they go back on a monitored placement, at least we'll have the home study started on the relative for ICPC.

I hope we can keep these babies safe.

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