Thursday, July 27, 2017

TPR for Kori

Court was held this Monday for Daisy. The State was asking for a move from her current placement (to us) and for Kori to pay child support.

I had to send a text to Daisy's CPS worker asking what happened. At 11:54am I wrote, "Any word on the outcome of today's court yet?"

Daisy's worker responded, "She will be staying at her current placement and parents relinquished their rights."

That is ALL I will ever hear about Daisy again. It is over. There will be no more hearings. The case has been closed. (I have to assume that Daisy's current guardian will eventually adopt Daisy now that parental rights have been terminated.)

The photo above is a snippet from the public court documents that I can pull up online (because I know Mom's name). As you can tell, a "safety plan" was put into place for Daisy's current guardian. The State has reason to believe that this man has allowed contact between Daisy and her mom.

Mom's criminal trial continues to get "reset". She had court today. Nothing happened. (Again, I can access the public records online. The county this all took place in puts a lot of information up as it happens.)

I do not know Kori's official role in the death of her child, Dandelion. I will never know that.

I have to pray that I'm wrong about everything. I have to pray that the man now in charge of Daisy for the rest of her life truly loves her. I have to pray that he will keep her safe if Kori is unsafe and that he gives Daisy everything she needs to grow and heal from her own abuse.

I can't say that I desperately wanted Daisy to come to our house. 

I do want Daisy to be safe and loved and well cared for.

But there was also a certain relief when this didn't happen.

I feel a LOT of guilt over that relief.

I was scared to death to take on a severely disabled little girl who has gone through so much trauma. We would have done it because it was the right thing to do. We would have done whatever it took for Daisy. We had discussed this at length with all the kids. The nerves were there because none of us are stupid. Four year old little girls that have been bounced through many homes who are still recovering from nearly dying themselves aren't easy to take care of. But our entire family was committed to doing whatever we would be allowed to do for Daisy.

The State determined they don't need us.

The chapter with Daisy is officially over.

Foster care sucks.


Anonymous said...

Wrote message of support; it got eaten somehow when I hit publish.
Sorry for this disaster. You and family are doing all that can be done. Grace to you.

Leah Wentzel said...

Heartbreaking, as usual